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Las Vegas Military Relocation Information

A move can be very overwhelming, especially when PCSing to a new base.   Whether you are coming from overseas or another stateside base, it can be a stressful, yet exciting new adventure!!!

Moving to a new city entails finding a new home, and integrating into a new community.  As a Veteran, I understand what it entails to PCS.  As a Realtor® I have helped many military members, and their families do the same. 

I created this military relocation checklist specifically for military members.  I have provided you with some tips, and tools to help make your move to sunny Las Vegas a smooth one; download my Military Relocation Guide here!

  • Find a Lender

  • Create a Wants and Needs List

  • Buying Before or After Arrival

  • Review Emailed Homes

  • Schedule Viewings

VA Loan Non-Allowables

Your Realtor should be aware of what fees are allowed, and which are not when purchasing a home with a VA loan. If they do not, it is a good sign the Realtor you are working with is not proficient in VA loans. This list can be used as a quick reference when reviewing estimated closing fees.

They Include:

  • Escrow Fees

  • Termite/Pest Inspection

  • Tax Service Fees

  • Notary Fees

  • Underwriting Fees

  • Processing Fees

  • Administration Fees

  • Mortgage Broker Fees

  • Wire Fees

  • Fees for Flood Determination

  • Fee for 2nd Appraisal



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